Clare Leighton

Clare Leighton (1898-1989)  was a wonderful wood engraver, taught by Noel Rooke. She worked mainly with commercial trade publications, creating 800 prints and illustrating 65 titles by others and also authored by herself. In 1939 she emigrated to the USA where she died.

The following are from Four Hedges, a self-authored title about the creation from scratch of a garden in Chilterns chalk, published in 1935, by which time the garden had been going for about 4 years. Beautifully printed, bold and rich illustrations. A great buy at 15.99 (slow to arrive from USA, I had given up hope but finally it did), and like Through the Woods, the illustrations are just to die for, wonderful.

More detailed information on Clare Leighton’s wood engravings (she also did stained glass and mosaics)  is in an online essay: Clare Leighton’s Art and Craft: Exploring Her Rich Legacy through the Pratt Collection by Caroline Mesrobian Hickman.

See also: Clare Leighton 1933 folio “The Farmer’s Year”





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