Primal Waltz – Michael Coady

From the Collection “Oven Lane”, 1987

Deep in November it seems
a luminous thing
to have known
so simple a grace

a day in the summer
the sea took us in
to its belly and breast
and lifted us lightly together

lifted beside me your head
sleek as a seal’s from the wave,
saltwater brimming our shoulders
under the light.

Open as children
we gave ourselves
to the primal
waltz of the world

spreading our limbs
in the balance and sway
of ocean and moon,
of earth and its sun

our lives and their gravities
laid for a time
with our clothes
behind us up on the land

and nothing beneath us
or pressing about us
but the absolute
pulse of sea

lifting us
woman and man
into the fluid dance
where all of the dreaming began.


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