Ulysses Press – Hilary Pepler production

John Collier (1901-1980) set off in his literary life to be a poet but, despite the support of his family, found the going hard. His success came in the genre of short stories and fantasy and he felt his poetry was not a success. This slim volume contains some of his poems. This was published by the Ulysses Bookshop, owned by Jacob Schwartz.

However it was composed and created for them by Hilary Pepler and his assistant Cyril Costick, using the equipment of the St Dominic’s Press, and is accordingly a very nice quality production.

Ulysses hardback with no DJ. Cloth backed blue boards with black lettering. The edges and corners show mild wear. Title vignette by Heln Kapp. The numbered pages are 33 and there are end pages. One of the front ones facing the title has “Copyright September 1931. This Edition (Signed by the Author) is limited to 185 copies. No 68” and the signature of John Collier. The final end pages have a colophon and the statement “Printed by H.D.C.P and C.C members of the handprinters association on An Albion Crown Press August 1931”. This is H.D.C.P[epler] and C[yril] C[ostick], The pages are rough trimmed. No marks and good binding. A nice collector’s item.



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