Nancy Cunard’s Hours Press

Cunard ran the Hours Press in France 1928-1931. She knew many leading cultural figures, her wealth meant she could take risks with authors.  The press was successful, but she closed down as it was taking up too much of her time.

Poems, Roy Campbell, 1930

“Hours Press, Paris, 1930. Hardcover. Limited Edition. 18 pages. Signed by Roy Campbell on the final page. Hand-numbered by Campbell no. 10 of a 200 copy edition. The ink is strong for both signature and number. This is a simply wonderful book. It was published by the adventurous and well-heeled publishing company set up by the heiress and social-legend, Nancy Cunard. It is very, very likely indeed that this book was pressed by Cunard herself. By the time of publication Cunard had moved the firm to the shop in the Sixth Arrondisement, 15, Rue Guenegaud (as marked). The paper is handmade with watermarks, the book is handpressed. Poems in this volume are: The Louse Catchers, Reflection, La Clemence, The Secret Muse, The Ressonador, The Olive Tree, The Olive Tree (2), The Albatross, A Sleeping Woman, From ‘The Georgiad’ (1), An Anatomy of the Veld, From ‘The Georgiad’ (2). Red board covers, illustrated by Campbell both sides. Leather spine. Bords and spine worn. Signed by Author.”



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