Another from Blakeney Press

Edward Henry Blakeney (1869-1955) was a classical scholar and poet who formed a private press 1908 in Ely, printing little pamphlets etc. He moved to Winchester and continued doing this, mostly not for sale, through to the early 1950s. There was a 1914-1918 interlude but he resumed in 1925. Did all himself.


This is a 1914 slim volume, the main attraction is that this was his own copy of a little address he gave,  with his book plate in it, he wrote the date and tipped in a small snippet about it from The Times.  It is dedicated “To my Violet”, he was married with a family so presume this was his wife.

Title: Romance An Address to Girls Printed by the Author at his private press , the King’s School , Ely, 1914
Author: E H Blakeney
Book Description: 8 pages (printed on one side only), very good/near fine condition in original boards. Author’s copy with his bookplate on the front end-paper. Small newspaper clipping from the Times, 4 August 1914 noting the publication of the book, tipped in to the rear free end-paper





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