Cloister Press for Holbrook Jackson

A most delicate little pamphlet in card wraps from 1922 printed for Holbrook Jackson and signed by him. One imagines it as a Xmas gift sent to people or for some other such occasion – 1 of 50 printed for him at the Press.

Littleholme by Gordon Bottomley (first published in 1918. #21/50 Limited Edition on Van Gelder Hand Made Paper, decorated wrappers. Signed by Holbrook Jackson to the verso of the title page

Cloister Press  at Heaton Mersey was started by  C W Hobson in 1921.  Stanley Morison became design supervisor there, having held the same position with the Pelican Press.

George Holbrook Jackson (1874-1948) was a British journalist, writer and publisher. He was recognised as one of the leading bibliophiles of his time. In 1912 or 1913 he started the Flying Fame Press, with the poet Ralph Hodgson and designer Claud Lovat Fraser. This was the beginning of a long association with small presses and the worlds of typography and book collecting, on which he wrote extensively. He was in the short-lived Fleuron Society (1923) with Stanley Morison, Francis Meynell, Bernard Newdigate and Oliver Simon. He did more, as a patron of the Pelican Press amongst others, to encourage the raising of production standards of books.

Holbrook_Jackson_1913  bottomley_g

Gordon Bottomley (1874-1948) was an English poet, known particularly for his verse dramas. He was partly disabled by tubercular illness. His main influences were the later Victorian Romantic poets, the Pre-Raphaelites and William Morris.


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