Stanton Press 1921-1924


Title: The Sirens: An Ode.
Author: Binyon (Laurence).
Book Description: Number 41 of 200 (205) copies handset in 18-point Venetian Old Style type and printed on Batchelor hand-made paper. Double title-page border engraved by Elinor Lambert. Quarter brown cloth with Rizzi paper-covered boards, title label superimposed on upper board. A very good copy indeed. The eighth and last Stanton Press book.

Bit of a stunner, lovely Kelmscott Press paper and a nice big book, I like that!

The trade edition of this poem was published the year following, 1925, by MacMillan.

Stanton (1) Stanton (2) Stanton (3) Stanton (4) Stanton (5)

The Stanton Press was set up in 1921 by Richard S. Lambert and his wife Elinor Lambert at 32 Chalfont Avenue, Wembley Hill, Middlesex where they lived. Richard Lambert’s interest in printing was fired by his enthusiasm for the hand-printed books of private presses which had flourished before the First World War.

The books produced by The Stanton Press are all illustrated or decorated and feature titles of new or translated poetry. Richard S. Lambert translated the poetry into English from Latin himself. Elinor Lambert was an artist whose woodcut engravings feature in some of the books produced by the press.

Laurence Binyon (1869-1943) was an  eminent and remarkable man, poet, historian of art and pioneer in Western appreciation of Chinese and Japanese art and literature which influenced Pound and Yeats. He worked in the British Museum Dept. of Prints.  More than just author of  “For the Fallen” all about him here:


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