Old Bourne Press and James J. Guthrie go green

A lovely book from 1904 (not dated). Limited edition of 200, printed mainly in green ink, with a blue title page. Capitals forming a solid border on the left of each page is quite distinctive.

The covers, title page, end papers and capitals and decorations all by Guthrie and using the Myrtle font designed by him. Printed on hand-made Batchelor paper with a lovely viola d’amour watermark.

Old Bourne Press. A private press founded by W. Herbert Broome in May 1902 at Holborn, still publishing in 1915. Express intention was to produce beautiful books using entirely hand processes.

James J. Guthrie (1874-1952), a Scotsman who moved to London as a child. An artist, typographer, and printer, Guthrie throughout his life was particularly interested in intaglio printing. Two of his favorite pursuits were wood engraving and book plate design.

bourne1 bourne2 bourne3 bourne4 bourne5


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