Root and Branch – A Seasonal of the Arts from James J. Guthrie

Root and Branch was an irregular periodical, edited by James Guthrie and featuring a lot of art work by him and many others.

It appeared in 4 volumes I think, all published at different presses. A bound larger full set became available later  – this would be lovely to own but is quite expensive.

I have here volume 1, issue 3. 1912/1913.  A little gem!

This volume was published at the Old Bourne Press, a private press founded by W. Herbert Broome in 1902 at Holborn, still publishing in 1915. James Guthrie printed there under his watchful eye. The inside back cover here proudly notes that they were in possession of the press on which the Kelmscott Chaucer was printed.

This issue contains various items, 2 illustrations from Reginald Hallward for a children’s book are striking. Hallward (1858-1948) was a British artist, glassmaker, poet, painter and book designer. He is best known for his stained glass and light glass works for British churches. Hallward founded a publishing business to publish his and his wife’s books of poetry- the Woodlands Press – and came into contact with Guthrie through this: they remained close friends.

root8 root2 root3 root4 root5 root6 root7


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