Another gem from The Beamont Press

Lovely condition, a good £20.00 purchase I feel. The first title Cyril Beaumont printed from 1917, he did not have his own press at this time.  Printed in red and black, feels as if scarcely opened, hand-made paper, lovely flowered decorated covers executed by Sangorski and Sutcliffe. Light brown spine, paper title faded but readable Paper label on front cover bright. Limited edition no 27 out of 250.

John Drinkwater (1 June 1882 – 25 March 1937) was an English poet and dramatist. Drinkwater was born in Leytonstone, London, and worked as an insurance clerk. In the period immediately before the First World War he was one of the group of poets associated with the Gloucestershire village of Dymock, along with Rupert Brooke and others. Deaths of Rupert Brooke and Edward Thomas took place in early 1917, the year of publication.  Photo shows Drinkwater with James Joyce in 1928 at Salzburg, from gallery at

drink2 drink3 drink4 drink5 drinkwater1


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