Giles Dixey – producing his own pamphlets for over 40 years

These types of production are so cheap – this was a fiver – but they have a fascinating side to them, a far cry from the grand presses and their luxury outputs.  Giles Dixey (1893-1974) taught at what is now the Dragon School in Oxford, producing as a hobby pamphlets, mainly of his own poetry and other works, plus some other titles.  He started with a wooden press, then moved on to an all-metal Adana and finally a flat press Adana. This little pamplet, with very rusty  staples, is an early effort from 1926 – he started in 1922 – and was produced at a time his press was located in the school handicraft hut. The boys did not take to printing so he took it home again! Once past the cover it is a sweet little production, quite good sonnets I think myself and I love the fact that back in 1926 he sat at a table and added all the initials in red ink, presumably not having any fancy initial type available to him.  He developed an interest in producing illustration plates in wood and other materials – not yet evident here – and he consistently produced items well into his seventies, when an article about his press was written.

dix3  dix4  dix2  dixie1

Giles Dixey article from The Private Press, April 1965.


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