Black Sun Press

The press officially operated 1927-1970.  The Black Sun Press was an English language press run by Americans Harry and Caresse Crosby. He was nephew of financier JP Morgan. Based in Paris, and noted for publishing the early works of many modernist writers including Hart Crane (The Bridge), D. H. Lawrence, Archibald MacLeish, Ernest Hemingway, Laurence Sterne, and Eugene Jolas. Sometimes produced a cheaper trade edition afterwards. Some titles produced in runs of only 20. Although it published few works after 1952, it printed James Joyce’s Collected Poems in 1963 and did not officially close until Caresse’s death in 1970.

sun1  sun2  sun3

Spring Song of Iscariot by Lord Lymington, [Gerard Vernon Wallop] 1929

The Black Sun Press, Paris, 1929. Original Wraps. Book Condition: Fine. First edition. Original Wraps. c.1929. 8vo. 27pp. Near Fine in moderately age-toned glassine dust wrapper.



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