Black Manikin Press

This press operated 1926-1932, one of a number set up by expats in Paris. Edward W. Titus was the founder, a Polish-born American citizen, journalist, husband of Helena Rubenstein. He set up a bookshop in Paris in 1924 called At the Sign of the Black Manikin, which became a gathering place for expatriate writers… Titus began publishing books under the imprint Black Manikin Press in 1926, including a version of Lady Chatterley’s Lover in 1929.  Both the press and a related magazine were short-lived and ended in 1932. The press had published twenty-five books by this time.”

No Man’s Meat by Morley Callaghan. First Edition. Paris: Edward Titus, Black Manikin Press. One of 500 Copies, Limited and Signed By Callaghan. Original Glassine. 1931 Callaghan was a Canadian author, this is about a wife who suggests a lady guest sleep with her husband if she loses a bet and ends with the two women forming a lesbian couple, no mainstream publisher would go for it at the time.

manikin1  manikin3


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