Fanfrolico Press

Hyperborea – Two Fantastic Travel Essays. One Man and Hyperborean – The Conspiracy of Tailors – Some Pictures and the Hyperborean Landscape, Lindsay, Norman

Description: Quarto, 27 pages, illustrated. Covers marked, joints splitting. Limited edition of 725 copies, number 209. Sci Fi stories with 9 illustrations

Ok so it’s falling apart at the spine! Not bothered, the text itself is fine, nice to see an example.

Fanfrolico Press ran from 1923 -1930. Initially as the first private press in Australia, and then in London from 1926. 46 books were produced.  Jack Lindsay founded it with Percy. R. Stephensen and John T. Kirtley.

Jack Lindsay was the son of the artist, sculptor and author Norman Lindsay – without whose fame the whole business would probably have amounted to nothing.

Fanfrolico (1) Fanfrolico (2) Fanfrolico (3)


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